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Jewel Cafe Concept

We have more than 200 outlets in Japan
with the cozy environment like Cafe.

Jewel Cafe provides cozy environment,
good customer service and loved by our customers.

Jewel Cafe’s Service

Wide Variety Purchasing Item

Jewel Cafe originally started as a recycling specialty shop for “unused jewellery and precious metal”.
Among the customers that we successfully purchased, we had received many requests as below.
“Can you buy branded bag and watch?”
“I have many unused jewellery…”
“I have many items from my late grandfather.”
“I have many unwanted items at home. Can I send over to check?”
“I have many things that I am not sure whether can sell or not.”
“Is this authentic?”
“This item can sell! I was thinking to throw it away.”
Therefore, at Jewel Cafe, we have expended our variety of item that we can purchased into wider variety range specialty shop to provide our customers with high customer services.
Of course, we provide high price purchases that are competitive with other stores.
Please feel free to contact us.
Please that note that identification card is necessary during selling your item to us.

We offer exceptional prices for your items!
We accept a huge range of items!

[Do you accept these items?]
Welcome to visit our outlet for more information.

We are located in Aeon Shopping Centre, Aeon AU2 Setiawangsa, KL and Aeon Bukit Raja, Klang

Jewel Café is located in the Shopping Centre, Shop lot, which is convenience for our customers in Japan.
Our staffs is nice and friendly.
We provide cozy environment and free beverages for our lovely customers. Besides that, customer’s items will be estimated by our professional staff which had been trained by company.

Easy to use Home-Based Acquisition

Home-Based Acquisition is started due to requested by customers.
[Hopefully the shop is nearby…]
[ It’s too heavy and difficult to bring to the shop. ]
[ I don’t have leisure time to go to the shop. ]
You can use the home delivery acquisition services, estimation and delivery is free of charge.
Our professional staff will estimate your items and pay higher value for your items.
We can accept even single jewelry, such as single earring, earring stopper or broken items.
We provide estimation for Gold, White Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Silver, Luxury Branded Handbags, Luxury Branded Watches, Cosmetics, and iPhone/iPad.

To learn more about the Key-Terms when buying with Jewel Cafe
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