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Jewel Cafe Media Info

JEWEL CAFÉ mascot – The adorable JC Kuma Bear and MAX are perfect match! They showing the neat sexy dance. The Animated Ads is showing now.

Media Posting History

  • ・TBS "N Star"
  • ・Kagoshima TV “Talking Salad”
  • ・West Japan Broadcasting "Information Alert"
  • ・Yamaguchi Broadcasting "Nekketsu0 Television"
  • ・Hokkaido TV "Enpro"
  • ・TV Ehime "Profitable! Information Bureau"
  • ・Sanyo Broadcasting "Information Plus"
  • ・Women's weekly magazine "Women themselves"
  • ・National newspaper “Sankei Shimbun”
  • ・Online media "Nihon Keizai Shimbun electronic version"
  • ・Advertising / Advertising "Commercial Photo" (March issue)
  • ・Specialized magazine "CM NOW"
  • ・National newspaper "Yomiuri Shimbun"
  • ・Information magazine "Nikkei Entertainment!" (December issue)
  • ・Free paper “Wind and Rock” (November issue)
  • ・Advertisement and promotion "Brain" (December issue)
  • ・TV guide magazine "TV station"
  • ・Specialized magazine "CM INDEX"
  • ・Evening paper "Yuji Fuji"
  • ・Sports paper "Tokyo Sports"
  • ・Online media “Yahoo! JAPAN News”
  • ・Online media “mixi news”
  • ・Online media “ORICON CAreer”
  • Many others

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