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You can sell it right now at Jewel Cafe! Free assessment and consultation

Jewel Cafe is a recycling store in Japan
which has more than 250 outlets worldwide.

We purchase various second-hand products, mainly branded items.
Since we are not a sale store, most of the work will be performed whiel sitting down.

Why work at Jewel Cafe?

Our job is to appraise customer’s unwanted item and change into money. “I was glad to get such high price even though I wanted to throw it away.”, a job that please the customers, no quota and no difficult sales talk. Assessment can also be easily learned with extensive manuals and employee support systems. When there is time, you can study to improve your skills by looking at the brand manufacturer’s website and catalogue. Staff age range is wide from 20s to 50s, and men staffs as well. If you try your best to serve customers with warm smile, you will always improve in your work. Hence, please apply with confidence even with no experience.

  • No Experience Needed
  • Training Provided
  • Staff Benefits

Recruitment Process

  • Apply Online

    We will review your application and contact you for interview if you are the right person we’re looking for.

  • Interview

    We have prepared to ask you some thoughtful questions. Be sure to get prepared for the interview section.

  • Decision and Offer

    The team will review and offer to the candidate which we feel is the best fit.



QWhat is the job scope?

AThis position is working with Jewel Cafe, popular recycle store for jewellery, branded item and watch. Appraise customer items and propose assessment price to the customer. No worries because appraisal training will be fully provided. No professional skills require,and no working experience candidate is very welcome. In addition, we put full focus on customer service because we value the comfort and satisfaction from our customer.

QIs it alright if I do not have part time experience in customer service and purchase?

AIt is OK even with no experience. It is fine if you are not familiar with jewellery and branded item as long you like to interact with other people. Management and senior staffs will guide you from zero. Of course, candidate with experience is most welcomed to apply.Let’s aim to be professional appraiser together.

QWhat kind of applicants is the most?

AThere are candidates who are good with customer service, who like to talk, who like jewellery and branded item, and a few who has experience in same industry. Most candidates have no experience in this industry.There are also a lot of people which came to Jewel Cafe as a customer and wanted to join and work with us.

QHow is the working environment?

AJewel Cafe outlet is managed by few staffs and most staffs can work for long hours. Staffs will spend most of the time working together.Therefore, all staffs are working in an environment which respect and understand each other. It is a comfortable environment,so many staffs will work for long time.

QHow is the working shift arranged?

ABasically, the working shift schedule will be arranged with discussion among the outlet staffs. The main point is that each staff respect each other and decides together so that private time can be fully arranged.

QHow is the company's treatment?

AProbation period
Yearly increment
Transportation claim (Within the company rule)
Transportation (Car, motorcycle, bicycle)
Employee appointment system
Uniform available
Training available (Basic knowledge, assessment method etc.)

QWhat kind of person is suitable for this position?

ASomeone who likes to talk for customer service part. Someone who will perform work very detail for outlet management work. Someone who is good in negotiation. Someone who is good with the internet to manage the outlet homepage and blogging. Someone who want to fully make use of her specialty.

QWhat is the good point of“ Jewel Cafe”?

AJewel Cafe has a good working environment for those who want to work for long term. Jewel Cafe has open atmosphere and has very good working environment among staff. Many staffs return to work with Jewel Cafe after pregnancy and child-care.

QMessage from hiring person in charge.

AThank you for reading till the end. Very big welcome to all candidates who want to learn new knowledge and wish to work in a lively environment. Please feel free to approach us for more details.

Staff Interview


Q. Why do you applied for Jewel Cafe?

A. I applied because "No working experience required." Basically, I love to talk with people and like branded items. Therefore, I think this is a very good job for me.


Q. What is your previous job?

A. I was a salesgirl in clothes boutique. I can use my previous job customer service experience in Jewel Cafe.In addition, it is the same industry and I think I have to face the customer more in Jewel Cafe.


Q. What did you get after joining in Jewel Cafe?

A. I can stand in customer position during the purchasing process. In Jewel Cafe, many customers bring in their important items and indecisive whether to sell or not. After negotiating with the customer,there were customer who said,“ I will sell this because of you.” I felt very happy after seeing the nice expression from the customer.


Q. What do you think is the hard work after joining?

A. In Jewel Cafe, the item range is so wide, and it is a bit hard to learn all the items information.There are many things to remember, survey, assessment, experience etc. for the second-hand market price.


Q. Now, what is your growth point in this job?

A. In Jewel Cafe, we stressed on the service that provide to the customers. Therefore, customer service skill is what I gain a lot. Besides, I get to approach all kinds of branded items and obtain the sense of second-hand market price. Recently, I can understand more on the internet business through the blogging and managing work for the homepage.


Q. How is the working atmosphere?

A. In Jewel Cafe, all staffs is aware of “Keep good relationship”. Therefore, there is a very good and enjoying working environment in all the outlets.


Q. What is the attractive part of “Jewel Cafe”?

A. Jewel Cafe has more than 200 outlets around the world and most of the outlets are located inside shopping malls such AEON mall etc. All staffs can work in an easy, safe and secure environment.


Q. What is your future target?

A. I will like to gain more knowledge on branded item, jewellery etc. in the world. In Jewel Cafe, customers will bring in different items every day and there are new learnings for me each day.


Q. Message for the applying candidates.

A. You will know Jewel Cafe’s working atmosphere when you come for interview. Please apply even you are just a bit curious. We are here waiting for you to join us!

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