We have more than 200 outlets in Japan.There are 2 outlets in Malaysia which are located at AEON AU2 Setiawangsa, KL and AEON Bukit Raja, Klang. You are welcome to visit our shop and approached by our friendly staff.

Jewel Café professional team will provide the most ideal evaluation of your items

We can accept any Gold, White Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Broken items/ Single items, Old Design Jewelry, or any lower gold grade jewelry such as K18, K14, K9 and etc. We can purchase even 0.1g items. Free estimation and no extra charges. If you have any enquiries and you are unsure if your items can be accepted by us or not, please bring them to the nearest outlet for free estimation.

Purchasing Process


Search for the nearest outlet at store location.Please bring along your identity card, driving license, passport or other verification documents.


Providing free estimation services, approximately 15 minutes. We appraise by hydrometer machine imported from Japan. Free beverages are provided during waiting for estimation

3.Result released and pay cash

We clearly explain the appraisal result and confirm the purchasing price with you.If the price is agreeable, we will pay you cash immediately.

4.Member Privileges

You will become our member after transaction succeed.You can enjoy the extra bonus, no expiry date, invite friends to get extra cash bonus!

Our professional team provide free estimation. We also provide fast estimation approximately 15 minutes for the appraisal and pay instant cash. Highly recommended if you want to estimate your items in a short period of time. Please bring your items to our outlet for free estimation.

exceptional price for your products!

We offer exceptional prices for your items!
We accept a huge range of items!

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Welcome to visit our outlet for more information.

The reason to choose Jewel Cafe

First in the industry and accepted over 1.7 million items!

Having the most pawn broking outlets in the world

We have more than 200 outlets in Japan. Jewel Cafe is located in the Shopping Centre, Shop lot, which is convenience for our customers in Malaysia.

Offer very high price to trade your product to us

Jewel Cafe is offering the higher value of your items compared with others.

Exceptionally high number of return customers

Higher repeat rate of customers due to our better offer, good customer service and cozy environment in Jewel Cafe.

On-the-spot instant appraisal

Jewel Cafe is located in the Shopping Centre, Shop lot, which is convenience for our customers. We appraise your items approximately 15 minutes and pay instant cash. You are welcomed to visit the nearest branch.

Free appraisal and delivery

The estimation and Home Delivery Acquisition Service is free of charge. You are welcomed to estimate your items with us.

Excellent and professional customer service

Exclusive privileges specially for you. We provide free Jewellery cleaning service, member benefits, complimentary beverages, good quality customer service, and cozy environment.

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