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Sell anything BVLGARI has never been easier with Jewel Cafe!
Please leave it to Jewel Cafe to buy your Bvlgari watch. While Bvlgari is a world-renowned fashion brand, the Bvlgari Bvlgari series watches, first released in 1977, are highly rated for their sophisticated design and have become a luxury watch brand over 20 years. In the second-hand market, model such as Bvlgari Bvlgari, Diagono, Diagono Professional, Assioma, Ergon, Rettangolo, B.zero1, etc. are many brought into our stores. Jewel Cafe is strengthening buying of popular Bvlgari watch. Customers are satisfied with our high purchase price of Bvlgari watches that utilizes the merits of the largest Bvlgari watch buying industry. We accept inquiries from both email and LINE Bvlgari watch assessment. Customers who “Want to change new Bvlgari watch.” Or “I want to sell and buy a new watch.” etc., are most welcome to visit Jewel Cafe. Jewel Cafe is strengthening the buying of Bvlgari watches! We also buy variety items besides Bvlgari watch, so please feel free to contact us.
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BVLGARI is purchased by thousands of customers every day at Jewel Cafes nationwide. Here are some examples of BVLGARI. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. If you are not sure whether you can sell it or not, please feel free to contact us first.
  • Purchased atRM 15000!
    OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra Chronograph
  • Purchased atRM 63000!
    AEON AU2 AEON Taman Maluri ROLEX SUBMARINER Ref. 116610LV wristwatch
  • Purchased atRM 5100!
    AEON AU2 Cartier PASHA wristwatch
  • Purchased atRM 5100!
    AEON Bukit Raja Cartier TANK wristwatch
  • Purchased atRM 10600!
    AEON Taman Equine IWC wristwatch
  • Purchased atRM 22000!
    AEON Taman Equine ROLEX EXPLORER II Ref. 216570 wristwatch
  • Purchased atRM 38000!
    AEON Bukit Raja ROLEX DAYDATE Ref. 18038 wristwatch
  • Purchased atRM 66725!
    AEON AU2 Patek Philippe Aquanaut
  • Purchased atRM 6620!
  • Purchased atRM 15890!
  • Purchased atRM 13240!
  • Purchased atRM 17610!
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Luxury Watches

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JEWEL CAFEは女性スタッフ多数

Mostly female workers

Female staffs who can providing polite and reliable customer service.

A relaxing interior spaces

A café space and free beverage service.

Professional assessment

Dedicated workers carefully evaluate jewellery and old brand items which are difficult to assess and which cannot be bought by other companies.

All assessments are free

Total Free of charge evaluation from a single item.

A lot of good benefits

Many benefits, such as free cleaning of jewellery and repeater coupons
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"Good value for my Bvlgari damage watch.

I came to Jewel Café to sell my Bvlgari watch. My watch is totally damage for the bracelet, but the watch is still moving well. This is my second time I came to Jewel Café, and I want to check first, either they can buy my Bvlgari watch with damage bracelet or not. After the professional staff appraised my item, I am feeling happy my watch still has value to sell. Jewel café offer me a good price even the bracelet is totally damage and I still can get extra rm100 from member benefits. Not only that, but I also get the lucky draw. I am totally satisfied with the service and this place is easy to get instant cash from any unwanted luxury watch even have a damage for the bracelet. Thank you to all pretty ladies that served me.

"We can help you appraise your damage watches.

Hello Mr. John, thank you for your kindness support and trusted to sell your unwanted items for second times. We are so glad to see you and served you again. We are always to make you happy and helped to solve your problem. Please don’t forget to bring the birthday postcard to get a present on the next transaction. We are looking forward to seeing you again. Take care and have a nice day.

"Good place to sell my Bvlgari watch.

I came to Jewel Café with my friend after she told me that Jewel Café can buy any luxury watch. My friend is member at Jewel Café, and she recommends me to sell my Bvlgari watch at this place. I am so happy with Jewel Café because this is my first time to sell my unwanted luxury watch. I never used my Bvlgari watch, it’s still new and still have box and card. I am very happy with the price that Jewel Café offer me, and I get another extra 10% from the my friend invitation card. It’s so lovely. I also get the member benefits same with my friends too. This place is so cozy and very friendly staff. I love the service and the complimentary that they provide. The Japanese snacks is so fantastic. I will come again to sell my unwanted handbags. Thank you, Jewel Café.

"We are incredibly happy to know you and satisfied with our service.

I still remember you Ms Lena. Thank you for your trust and your support. We are looking forward to serving you on the future for your branded handbags that you plan want to sell. Don’t forget to bring all the member benefits to redeem it on that day. Wishing you stay healthy and happy always.

"High price for pre own Bvlgari watch.

I have a Bvlgari watch that unused, it belongs to my late father and the items have no card and box. I plan want to sell it and I came to Jewel after searching in website. I very satisfied with Jewel Café service and very lovely staff. I am so happy with the concept and fast transaction. I also get the member benefits that I can redeem on the next transaction. I have another branded item that I want to sell, so I can use the member benefits to get extra cash. Highly recommended.

"We will always be here to serve you.

Hello Mr. Danial, thank you for your kindly support to sell your unwanted branded Bvlgari watch to us. We are really appreciated it. We will be waiting for you on the next visit for other branded item that you plan to sell on the conversation last time. Please don’t forget to bring along the member benefits and can redeem on that day. Have a nice day.

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Luxury Watches

Frequently Asked

What is the most popular brand in Jewel Café for branded watch purchase?
Brands like Rolex, Omega, Chanel, etc. are brought in by many customers.
As It is also very popular in the market, so you aspect to sell it at a high price at our shop.
I haven't overhauled it for a long time, or I have a Rolex that no longer functioning. Is it possible to sell it?
Rolex is the most popular watch brand, so we are incredibly happy to buy something even it does not work or is broken.
Is it possible to buy a branded watch without a warranty card or box?
Generally, we can purchase without accessories as well. However, if you have a guarantee card or extra band links, the purchase price will increase, so please try to look for it.
I have a lot of collections, can you buy them all at once?
Of course, you are welcomed. If it is a popular brand, we will further increase the assessed amount by bringing it together. If you have any unwanted branded watch, please bring it to Jewel Cafe for a free assessment.
How long does it take for a watch assessment?
If you bring it to Jewel Cafe, it will take about 15 minutes to make an assessment, depending on the quantity. Of course, if you are satisfied with the amount, we will pay you cash on the spot.
Is there any campaign that will increase the purchase price?
We are currently conducting a campaign to cash back RM790 in addition to the purchase price if you make a reservation by phone before visiting us for selling your Rolex. Please feel free to use it.


Bvlgari famous original design watch is B.zero1. The spiral motif design using a metal tube shaped band reproduces the technique of stacking of the same shape inspired by Greek architectural techniques into a magnificent building. There are also various types of bracelets such as enamelled leather belts, bangle types which both play an important role in fashion. With the availability of variety of dials, the watch is a popular watch for women who want to enjoy casual fashion. Many customers brought in this Bvlgari watch.
Bvlgari Bvlgari
The first watch that can be said to be representative of Bulgari watches. Since its launch, it has won high reputation from the brand industry and high rated as a watchmaker. Bvlgari rings, which are also used on faces, are popular as wedding rings and engagement rings because of their gorgeousness. It’ s a watch that could be used by both women and men, and also loved by Microsoft founder “Bill Gates” which further its popularity. A watch with a luxurious and elegant design. Many customers brought in this Bvlgari watch.
As the 40th Anniversary of “Bvlgari Rome” has become a hot topic, the return of Diagono also becomes a topic. Diagono, which has a lot of support especially from men, has a strong presence in formal and casual styles. It is also attractive because it is made of aluminium and is durable. It is a popular series that has been around for more than 20 years since its release and is known for having many loyal users including famous athletes. It is a watch with solid silhouette, luxurious colours and design. Many customers brought in this Bvlgari watch.
Ways to sell luxury
watches at a

High Price

Ways to make expensive purchase

Sell higher with guarantee card and accessories

Let us make sure to keep the guarantee card, box, extra bracelet part, instruction guide book, etc. that come together when you purchase.
If you do not have the guarantee card, you may not able to get official overhaul or repair service. Therefore, the second-hand purchase price will fluctuate greatly depending on the availability of the guarantee card.
If there is no extra bracelet part, the adjustable bracelet size will be limited, then the price may be lower.
Let us keep all the accessories in a safe place.

Clean the watch and keep in beautiful condition to sell higher

The secret to increase the estimation price is to ensure the watch as clean as possible before the assessment. Even simple cleaning at home such as wiping the glass surface, cleaning the gaps in the belt, etc. will change the estimation price.
It is fine to bring in a watch that has not been overhauled for a long time. Of course, overhauled watches can get higher during assessment, but the repairing of luxury watches are more expensive and can take months.
Considering the disadvantages, it is recommended to bring in the watch without overhaul.

Luxury Watches
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The Value and Charm of Luxury Watches

A luxury watch serves as an item to show one’s identity. Many collectors are fascinated by the style and precise movement that let us feel the weight of history and tradition. It is an essential item not only for celebrities but also for businessmen who want to show their status.

At Jewel Cafe, a luxury watches purchase specialty store, we have established in-house test to educate the assessment ability of staff by utilizing our past achievements and experiences. We also have training and education system that can provide sincere and stable services to our customers. It is possible for us to appraise the authenticity and condition of luxury watches and purchase it at a price that customer is satisfied with. Please come and experience the top-class assessment skill with full experience and know-how.

Jewel Cafe can assess or purchase even broken watch starting from 1 item. Of course, the assessment is free of charge. We can appraise any condition watches such as watch with scratches or broken glass, watch with no battery or not functioning, discoloration on stains on the dial, rust on the back case, broken belts, missing parts (bracelet or crown), etc. If you are uncertain whether it can be sold or not, please feel free to contact us.